Mairi's Divorce
Reel. N.B. Dancing couple passing right shoulder in centre.

Music Description
1 - 4 First couple turn with right hand and cast one place on own side.
(Second couple move up.)

5 - 8 Then turn with left hand to corners.

9 - 12 First couple dance half reel of four with first corners. (The corners
changing places), but first couple passing each other by right
shoulders in the middle instead of left shoulders.

13 - 16 First couple repeat with second corners.

17 - 20 First couple repeat with first corners. (Who are now on other side.)

21 - 24 First couple repeat with second corners.

25 - 32 Reels of three across, the woman with second couple and the man with
third couple.

33 - 40 Six hands round and back.

Suggested tunes.— “Mairi’s Wedding”, “Scotland the Brave”, “Thistle of Scotland”.