Sturt's Desert Rose
(A 32-bar jig for two couples in a 4-couple set)

 1 – 16 1st and 2nd couples dance rights and lefts with polite turns and
setting, i.e.

1 - 4 1st and 2nd couples set once to partners, without joining
hands on the sidelines; then, giving right hands in passing,
cross over to change places with partner, 2 skip change of
step, 1st woman and 2nd man finishing with polite turns.

5 - 8 1st man repeats bars 1-4 on the side with 2nd man and 1st
woman with 2nd woman, giving left hands; 1st man and 2nd
woman finishing with polite turns.

9 -16 Repeat bars 1-8, to original positions.

17 – 24 1st and 2nd women cross right hand over left hand, palms down,
and taking partner's hands (palms up, uncrossed), dance 8 slip
steps down the middle and 8 back up, both couples retaining
hands ready to raise them for

25 – 32 Allemande.

Repeat having passed a couple.
Music: Rory O'More

The dance represents the form of the Northern Territory floral emblem, and was
devised by Betty Fleming and Angus Henry of the Scottish Country Dance Society
Inc of Darwin, Australia (which by 1992 had become the RSCDS NT Branch) to mark
the establishment of regular good Scottish Country Dancing in the Northern Territory.