President's Ball, NZ
International SCD teachers get together with old dancing friends for "The Duchess Tree" at the annual RSCDS Summer School in Hamilton, NZ.
Christchurch, NZ
Young and old Australian and New Zealand dancers enjoying the strathspey "Cramond Wedding".
Kid's Ceilidh, Malak
Darwin's youngest dancers introducing their parents to SCD at an afternoon special Ceilidh.
Malak; celebration.
New members joining the group on completion of their Beginners Course.
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Avis Harrison at historic site
Avis at the 'Amazing Glace' stall at the Mindil Beach Markets in Darwin, which inspired John Drewry's dance of the same name in his 'Australian Book'.
No Swimming!
George Lawson visiting Buffalo Creek, Darwin, while Chairman of the RSCDS.
Miss Milligan's Strathspey
during the Branch demo team's public performance of the five core 75th Anniversary dances at the Civic Centre in Darwin, 17 May 1998.
St Andrews 1998
Darwin connections and others at the RSCDS 75th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner at St Andrews (first fortnight).
L to R: Founders and teachers of the NT Branch, RSCDS, Angus & Puka Henry with friend and fellow teacher William Nurse in Canada.
RSCDS Tokyo Branch Team
NT Branch's last visitors
Tom Toriyama and his team enjoying the sunshine near Darwin.
International friendships
Branch founders with Noko & Ken Kasuga and Hideko Harada at St Andrews.
Mindil Markets
John Drewry with Puka at the Mindil Beach Markets; the inspiration for his dances 'Mindil Market' and 'Amazing Glace' (both in his Australian Book, and dedicated to Angus and Puka).
RSCDS 75th Anniversary
NT Branch Dinner Dance

Hon Justice Sally Thomas, Mrs Rebecca Luxford and Mrs Jeanette McAndrew chatting up M/C Angus Henry
NZ RSCDS demo team
Men's "Reel of the 51st Division" demonstration team at NZ Summer School (Angus 2nd from right).
Angus & Puka relaxing after class at the TAC summer school at Brock University, St Catherines, Ontario, Canada
Ladies Step Dancing
R.S.C.D.S. demonstration team at Younger Hall, St Andrews (Puka 2nd from right).
The Team
The Branch demonstration team in action at the Jingili Water Gardens.
RSCDS Tokyo Branch visit
Malak Hall, Darwin, 22 July 2009

Tom Toriyama with some of his team, relaxing after dancing.
“Getting to know you”
Avis Harrison feeding a local during a teaching visit to Darwin.
Public performance at the Darwin Civic Centre
At the Darwin Highland Ball, June 1988