Well, not quite, but medical authorities world wide are now promoting Scottish Country Dancing as the ideal way for people of all ages to keep fit physically and mentally, and it is a form of social recreation which can be carried on into active old age with continuous development.

It is equally suitable for men and women, and was developed in a culture in which men took great pride in being fit and skilled dancers – Scottish army regiments (and many professional football teams!) still make participation compulsory to ensure that the men stay physically fit and mentally sharp.

protect your HEART - excellent aerobic activity

delay or prevent OSTEOPOROSIS - regular weightbearing activity for the bones

keep ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE at bay - the brain is kept constantly challenged

prolong a HAPPY LIFE - regular social interaction with good company

This form of exercise has proved so popular that it is now regularly practised throughout the world by people of all races, colours and nationalities, and it is one of comparatively few activities in which different generations of a family can happily participate together on an equal footing.

It is an ideal recreation for people who travel, as in every state in Australia and in most countries throughout the world there are branches of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and other SCD groups who will welcome newcomers on arrival, and the newcomers in turn will find that their skills and knowledge are immediately transferable to their new group at the same time as having a quick and easy introduction to the new community.

The dancing is non-competitive social dancing, usually done in teams of 8 dancers, and should not be confused with Highland dances like the Sword Dance or the Fling which are men's solo dances for competition or display – AND IT IS GREAT FUN.

Also, as there are over 20 000 known dances and new ones constantly being written, there is no danger of coming to an end – there is always more challenge ahead to maintain interest and enjoyment for a lifetime. It does require skill and knowledge to do well, but these can be readily learned in the Society's Darwin classes.  No special 'Ethnic' clothing is required.

The responsible body in NT, The Scottish Country Dance Society Inc, currently arranges each week a Saturday afternoon class for mixed level dancers and also runs beginners' courses each year to enable newcomers to take up the activity here.  Other classes, and also classes in Ladies' Highland Step dancing, can be organised to suit interest groups or communities.  
     All these sessions are taken by fully qualified and internationally experienced RSCDS teachers.

A WARM WELCOME awaits all individuals and families who would like to join: – please feel free to come and sit in at the Saturday classes, and see for yourself – even if only to enjoy the splendid music!


All sessions are held at the Malak Community Centre, Malak Crescent.

1. The Saturday class is held every Saturday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.
2. The Beginners' Courses (no previous knowledge or experience required) are run on 10 consecutive Saturdays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, as required each year.

For further info contact Angus Henry on 8927 9203 or email us.

Quick Look!

Here are two You Tube videos of good Scottish Country dancing in Charlotte,
 North Carolina, USA.

1. “Maxwell’s Rant” is danced here by Secondary School student members of the
 Charlotte SCD Society being tested for a merit award, and is an excellent example
 by a good demonstration team.

2. “The Streets of Milan” is in the program at the annual October social dance
 organised by the Charlotte SCDS, showing the same team members dancing
 socially with the others in a happy evening’s dancing.