Starting in Darwin, Australia, in 1985, as small social class which became an RSCDS Affiliated Group in 1988, it reached full RSCDS Branch status in 1992. It was founded in order to establish good SCD in Darwin and to provide a focal point for the RSCDS in the isolated SE Asian region.

The Branch later had to revert to its present status as an independent incorporated group to facilitate responsive management in an isolated environment.  The Society's teachers are Angus and Puka Henry, both experienced, fully trained RSCDS teachers and two of the original 1985 founders.


Career: worked (and danced) in Scotland, Papua New Guinea and Australia as art teacher, High School Principal, Inspector of Secondary Schools, Director of Curriculum, and Deputy Secretary of the NT Education Department.

Began SCD at school in Scotland, c. 1945.

Commenced regular SCD class teaching in 1964 (at a boarding school in Papua New Guinea to a class of over 200 young men! - all great dancers).

Opened a regular weekly class in Darwin in 1985, which developed into the NT Branch class and eventually increased to between 4 and 6 classes per week.

By invitation, has taught and run teachers' workshops, and danced in demonstration teams in Canada, New Zealand, Scotland and elsewhere in Australia, and has successfully tutored dancers for the RSCDS Prelim Pass and the full Teacher's Certificate.

Appointed Examiner in SCD for the International Dance Teachers' Association since 1995.

Appointed RSCDS Assessor for Medal Tests for Young Dancers in 2004.


Began SCD at high school (taught by Scottish teachers at boarding school) in Papua New Guinea in 1964.

Commenced regular SCD class teaching in Darwin primary and secondary schools (voluntary term-long programs) in 1990.

On passing her RSCDS Teachers Certificate (the first ever Pacific Islander to do so), became the second active Branch teacher in 1993, with responsibility for the regular weekly General class ever since.

By invitation, has taught SCD interstate and was the Ladies Step class teacher at NZ Summer school; and has danced in the St Andrews Ladies Step Dance demonstration team.

Northern Territory's only teacher of Ladies Highland Step Dance, and ran a weekly class here.